Dynamic Lairs

So http://www.theskyfullofdust.co.uk/dynamic-lairs/ has been doing a series of dynamic lairs for people to use. As some of these can take a while to roll up, and because The Sky Full of Dust is only up to Dwarves, I thought it might be worthwhile for people to start building a community library of these wonderful time-savers.

To start off, here’s an elf fastness:
Fae Grotto
A normal seeming cave opens into a small underground settlement of fantastically carved stone and wood lit by phosphorescent fungi. A force of 18 elves led by 3 spellswords protect 30 non-combatants. The fastness is ruled by an elf lord and his lady, his personal guard of 7 spellswords, and the lord’s 2 young children. A flock of 8 giant eagles have an aerie in a tree overlooking the entrance to the fastness and will assist its inhabitants.

Elves (18): AC 4, Move 120′ (40′), HD 1+1, hps 5 each, #Ats 1 (weapon), Dmg 1d8, SV E1, ML 0 (+2), AL N, XP 15: chain, spears;

Spellswords, (Level 4, 3): AC 5, Move 120′ (40′), HD 4, hps 18, 16, 12, #Ats 1 (weapon), Dmg 1d6+2, SV E4, ML +2, AL N, XP 245: chain mail, shield, spear, 2 x 1st (sharpness, sleep), 2 x 2nd (detect invisible, glitterdust)
1. rope of climbing;
2. wand of detecting traps (13 charges), bag of holding;
3. potion of poison;

Spellsword Elites, (Level 3, 7): AC 7, Move 120′ (40′), HD 3, hps 13, 11, 14, 11, 14, 10, 9, #Ats 1 (weapon), Dmg 1d6+2, SV E3, ML +2, AL N, XP 95: plate armor, shield, sword, 2 x 1st (light*, prot. from evil*), 1 x 2nd (gust of wind)
1. shield -1 (cursed), [AC 6];
2. wand of detecting metals (8 charges);
3. arcane scroll: [clairvoyance, wizard lock], shield +1, [AC 8];
7. eyes of petrification (not worn), shield -1 (cursed), [AC 6];

Nightblade “Lady Imedhen”, (Level 7): AC 2, Move 120′ (40′), HD 7, hps 22, #Ats 1 (weapon+1), Dmg 1d6, SV E7, AL N, XP 1,140: leather, crossbow, dagger, sword +1, 2 x 1st (shield, spider climb), 2 x 2nd (invisibility, web), thief abilities

Wizard-Lord “Lord Alior”, (Level 9): AC 7, Move 120′ (40′), HD 9, hps 44, #Ats 1 (weapon), Dmg 1d6+4, SV E9, ML +2, AL N, XP 2,500: plate, shield, sword, ring of invisibility, boots of travelling and springing, 3 x 1st (charm person, magic missile, unseen servant), 3 x 2nd (ESP, mirror image, uncanny gyration),3 x 3rd (dispel magic, earth’s teeth, prot. from normal missiles), 2 x 4th (confusion, massmorph)1 x 5th (conjure elemental);

Giant Hawks (8): AC 3, Fly 450′ (150′), HD 3+3, hps 20, 17, 22, 16, 10, 12, 22, 19, #ATS 2 (talons), Dmg 1d4/1d4, SV F2, ML 0, AL N, XP 65; ACKS page 176; can dive for double damage, if both talons hit, smaller than human targets must save vs. Paralysis or be grabbed.

The fastness contains the following treasure:
• 32,000cp, 18,000sp
• 4 scrimshaw pendants (7gp each);
• 2 engraved ebony masks worn by the lord and lady (700gp each);
• 12 prisms (50gp each)
• 11 bricks of salt, 7sp each (1/2 stone each);
• 3 barrels of preserved fish, 5gp each (8 stone each);
• 5 gallons of lamp oil, 2gp each (1/2 stone each);
• 7 cords of hardwood logs, 5gp each (8 stone each);
• 42 animal horns, 20gp each (1 stone per 5 horns);
• 3 bags of loose tea, 75gp each (5 stone each);
• 24 bottles of fine wine, 5gp each (1 stone per 5 bottles).

And here’s an ettin:
Two-headed Tower
A partly collapsed tower has become the home of an ettin bandit. It has so far collected 3 statuettes (1,000gp each), a crate of glassware, 3 crates of monster parts, 2 crates of armor and weapons, a rich fur coat (6,000gp), a sack with 3,000ep and 6 aquamarines (500gp each), 3 potions of speed, invisibility, and dragon control, a steel scroll case with 2 wards against undead, and a ward against magic (all written in Dwarven), and a bone scroll case with an arcane spell scroll (written in Elven): [burning hands, cone of cold], arcane spell scroll: [summon hero, sleep, command person], ward against elementals (written in Zaharan), and an arcane spell scroll: [control undead, cone of cold].
Mostly buried under a pile of rubble in the upper chamber is the skeleton of an ancient barbarian king wearing a bronze torc (90gp), a wrought gold crown (500gp), and a ring of protection +1. His war hammer +2 lays next to him.

Ettin: AC 6, Move 120′ (40′), HD 10, hps 42, #ATS 2 (club, club), Dmg 2d8/3d6, SV F10, ML +1, AL C, XP 850; ACKS page 168; gain +1 to surprise rolls.

another one:

Faery, Pixie

The Hive
A giant killer bee hive, located high within the branches of an enormous almond tree and abandoned long ago by its original inhabitants serves as home of the Rainbow Wing clan of pixies. From her Wildflower Throne, Queen Pycella the Sparkling of Beautyflowerhome rules over 30 pixies living in the honeycombs of the hive. A secret cache somewhere in the hive houses the clan’s treasure:

2.000 sp
2 bags of loose almond tea, worth 75gp each (5 stone each)
13 rolls of garishly dyed cloth, worth 10gp each (4 stone each)

Faerie, Pixie(29): AC 6, Move 90′ (30′) / fly 180’ (60’), HD 1*, hp 3 each, #Ats 1 (dagger), Dmg 1d4, SV E1, ML -1, AL N, XP 13: daggers; SA: invisible

Faerie, Pixie Queen (1): AC 6, Move 90′ (30′) / fly 180’ (60’), HD 2**, hp 8, #Ats 1 (dagger) or spells, Dmg 1d4, SV E1, ML 0, AL N, XP 38: daggers; SA: invisible. Spells (2 level 1 spells per day) - Repertoirce (4 spells: charm person, faery fire, remove fear, sleep)

To finish up the fairies:

Mirrorglades and Pink Mohawks
A rather eccentric gang of sprites has taken up residence in a bramble they’ve decorated with shards of mirror. Dressed in black dyed leather decorated with bits of metal, they accost passing “chummers,” demanding trinkets and sweets. Those that refuse to pay, that insult the sprites, or just because, are cursed to have their hair permanently styled into a pink mohawk. So far the sprites have collected 1,000sp, 3 bags of loose tea (75gp and 5 stone each), and 2 crates of terra-cotta pottery (100gp and 5 stone each) in the center of their home.
Sprite(12): AC 4, Move 60′ (20′) / fly 180’ (60’), HD 1d4, hp 2,1,1,4,2,1,3,4,3,4,1,3, #Ats 1 (spell), Dmg special, SV E1, ML -1, AL N, XP 6; ACKS page 168; 5 sprites can team up to inflict humorous curse.

The Hills have Flies
In a small copse of trees is a nest of giant carnivorous flies. Scattered among the remains of their kills is 2 sets of engraved teeth (60gp each), 2 vials of rare perfume (25gp each), 2 set of engraved teeth (30gp each), and 1,030gp in loose coins.

Giant Carnivorous Flies (5): AC 3, Move 90′ (30′) / fly 180’ (60’), HD 2, hp 12, 11, 11, 11, 6, #Ats 1 (bite), Dmg 1d8, SV F1, ML 0, AL N, XP 20; ACKS page 169; opponents suffer-2 to surprise rolls.

It’s Quiet, Too Quiet
Within the overgrown ruins of a small shrine is a stepped dais upon which 4 kneeling statues of demonic, lissome girls support a stone basin piled with 1,000ep and a number of gems: a star ruby (750gp), an amethyst (100gp), an onyx (50gp), and 2 azurites (10gp each). The statues, actually gargoyles, will attack as soon as someone starts collecting the treasure. Under a loose stone in the center of the dais is a potion of levitation and a treasure map leading to an oil of slipperiness, sword +1, potion of human control, and a wand of device negation (19 charges).

Gargoyles (4): AC 4, Move 90′ (30′) / fly 150’ (50’), HD 4*, hp 11, 18, 16, 21, #Ats 4 (2 claws, bite, horn), Dmg 1d3/1d3/1d6/1d4, SV F8, ML +3, AL C, XP 135; ACKS page 169; immune to poison, sleep, charm, hold, normal weapons.

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This is the most useful forum thread I have seen in a long while. Thanks to all the contributors thus far!

HILL GIANT Farmstead

A one hour walk away from the copse of copse of trees (see CARNIVOROUS FLIES above) one can find a lone and ruined farmstead. The main building has collapsed long ago with only some of the outer walls still being intact. All that is remaining of the doors and windows are gaping holes. The roof has fallen to the ground, but was replaced by an unstable-looking web of fabric, branches and tree trunks.

The farmstead is home to a family of inbred hill giants, led by Mother, a witch with gruesome scar-tattoes and engraved teeth.

Inside the building are only two dirty and badly smelling rooms: one is Mother’s brewery and bedroom, the other is the former rooms combined into one large restroom shared by the remainder of the family.

In one corner, of Mother’s room is a hearth with a cauldron of icor and blood, with herbs and the carcass of 1 giant carnivorous flies Swimming in the liquid. Nearby a sooty cupboard (without doors) has more dead flies, empty pots, pestles, bowls and 3 vials of Mother’s Precious (parfume 100 gp each). Above the hearth is a blackened statuette of a demonette (ivory if cleaned 300 gp).

Mother’s room contains a large sack under her bed with: Gems: black sapphire (1.500), opal (750), azurite (10), aquamarine (500), garnet (250), topaz (750) and jewelry: Moonstone necklace (2.000)

Giant, Hill (5): AC 5, Move 120′ (40′), HD 8, hp 40 each, #Ats 1, Dmg 2d8, SV F8, ML 0, AL C, XP 600; ACKS page 170


Located near a mountain pass’s trade route and hidden behind bushes and vines, a cave entrance leads a short distance into a cavern system. The caverns are home to a family of stone giants and their cave bear pets.

The cave bears have a large kennel at the cave entrance’s entry, smelling of wet fur and dried blood. Two caravan guards are lying in a bloody mess and half-eaten, on the floor.

The giants have successfully raided a caravan a couple of days ago and have stored their plunder in one of the smaller caves at the back of the cavern system, near the giant’s living room:

2 crates of terra-cotta pottery, worth 100gp each (5 stone each)
19 bottles of fine wine, worth 5gp each (1 stone per 5 bottles)
1 crate of glassware, worth 200gp each (5 stone each)
1 crate of monster parts, worth 300gp each (5 stone each)
1 bundle of rare fur pelts (such as ermine, mink, or sable), worth 500gp each (5 stone each)

The giants have also amassed some wealth which is stored in a large and chained chest in their living quarters. The chain is padlocked with a poor quality lock and one of the giants carries the key. Within the chest are:

5.000 gp
1 potion of Flying
2 scrolls of Ward vs. Undead
1 Scroll of Ward vs. Elementals

On the living room’s walls are hung two shields for decoration, framing a cave bear’s head. The shields are dull and dirty.When cleaned, they are plain metal shields: 2 Cursed shields -1,

The remians of the caravan, namely, some wagon remains can be found on the pass, some half-hour walk from the cave. If one looks down the pass, one can see more wagon-remains and the smashed bodies of mules and men lying below.

Giant, Stone (3): AC 5, Move 120′ (40′), HD 9, hp 52 each, #Ats 1, Dmg 3d6, SV F9, ML +1, AL N, XP 700; ACKS page 170

Bear, Cave (2): AC 3, Move 120′ (40′), HD 6, hp 30 each, #Ats 3 (2 claws, 1 bite), Dmg 1d6/1d6/1d10, SV F3, ML 0, AL N, XP 320; ACKS page 155


Far to the noth green and purple polar lights are reflected from the half-melted ice walls of a castle. The ruined structure was once the home of a clan of frost giants. Whatever happened to the castle or clan only one surviving member could tell, if he were not insane. Once a mighty and awe inspring creature, the lone giant is a plae shadow of his former self. Dirty and unkempt and covered in blood and fire stained polar bear furs, the giant’s dull eyes flare in anger if approached. sitting on his throne of carved ice the giant absently pats the head of a long dead polar bear, still wearing a silver collar. “LEAVE”. One word and the silence of an icy grave returns.

Giant, Frost(1): AC 5, Move 120′ (40′), HD 10, hp 74 each, #Ats 1, Dmg 4d6, SV F10, ML +1, AL N, XP 850; ACKS page 170

Whatever happened, there is no treasure to be found.

GHOULS Lost Abbey
9 ghouls have taken up residence in this long defiled abbey. It is a simple structure, with a graveyard on the west side, and a line of cells surrounding a central hall inside the abbey proper. At any given time, 1d4-1 ghouls are wandering the grounds, while the rest are inside the abbey, chewing on and fighting over their latest victim.

Ghoul(9): AC 3, Move 90’(30’), HD 2, hp 6, 12, 10, 10, 9, 4, 5, 7, 6, #At 3 (claw, claw, bite), Dmg 1d3/1d3/1d3 and paralysis, SV F2, ML +1, AL C, XP 29 (261 for all 9); ACKS p. 170.

The ghouls have collected some treasure from their victims: 1,000 electrum coins, and one porcelain trinket (600gp). Behind the altar is an idol to a god with mismatched eyes: one lapis lazuli stone (25gp) and one malachite stone (10gp). One cell contains four bundles of fur (12 stone, 60 gp); another contains, hidden under a cot, a potion of climbing and a wand of detecting secret doors with 11 charges.

GNOLLS Slaver’s Encampment (2 warbands, 5+3 gangs, 22 male gnolls (by gang: 3, 4, 3, 2, 2, 3, 2, 3), 11 females, 44 young. 2 prisoners. 3 trolls. Shaman.

Two warbands of Gnolls have set up a temporary village here as part of a slaving run. So far, they have captured two prisoners, and are hoping for one or two more before returning to Gundabar to sell them. They have set up crude sections of palisades across some portion of the outskirts of the camp, but have not bothered to completely encircle it. Apart from the camp are 3 trolls, enlisted by the gnolls to help guard the camp with the promise of a share of the meat from prisoners that would not make capable slaves.

Gnolls(22): AC 4, Move 90’(30’), HD 2, hp 9 each, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6+1, SV F2, Morale 0, XP: 20 (440)

Gnoll Champion (8): AC 5, Move 90’(30’), HD 3, hp 16 each, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6+2, SV F2, Morale 0, XP: 20 (440)

Gnoll Sub-chieftain (2): AC 6, Move 90’(30’), HD 4, hp 20 each, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6+2, SV F2, Morale 0, XP:

Gnoll Chieftain: AC 7, Move 90’(30’), HD 6, hp 28, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6+3, SV F2, Morale 0, XP:

Gnoll Female (11): AC 3, Move 120’(40’), HD 1, hp 4 each, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6, SV F1, Morale 0, XP: 10(110)

Troll (3): AC 5, Move 120’(40’), HD 6+3, hp 30 each, Attacks 2 (2 claws, bite), Damage 1d6/1d6/1d10, SV F6, Morale +2, XP: 680(2040)

Gnoll Shaman: AC 6, Move 90’(30’), HD 4, hp 20 each, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6+2, SV C4, Morale 0, Spells (level 4): Cause Light Wounds, Cause Fear, Hold Person.

Prisoner 1: Lvl 2 Thief. S11 I8 W8 D13 C10 Ch10. AL N

Prisoner 2: Lvl 4 Mage. S9 I12 W9 D8 C8 Ch9. AL C. Spells: Ventriloquism, Charm Person.

Treasure: The chieftain has, in his tent, a locked and poisoned chest with the following items. 11,000 sp, 500 gp, six bundles of hide (18 stone, 90gp), two ivory pieces (118gp). The shaman is carrying six pouches of belladonna (60 gp), an unholy symbol (120gp) and three pouches of saffron (45 gp). Scattered throughout the camp, and carried by various gnolls, are 16,000 cp, six animal horns (12gp), 2 giant feathers (7 gold), 22 blocks of salt (11 stone, 15.399gp), four silver arrows (20gp), six pouches of belladonna (60gp), one bloodstone (50gp), one pouch of saffron (15gp), one turquoise stone (25 gp), 15 bone fetishes (150gp), three unholy symbols (360gp), a scrimshaw trinket (27 gp), a shell trinket (110gp), a wrought copper trinket (70gp), one wrought silver trinket (400gp), and a 2-H sword +1, +2 vs. spell-casters. (Gx2)

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Behind a shrub of gorse, on a hillock, lies what appears to be an abandoned mine. However, if one picks their way through the smaller than usual entrance, one finds the gnomish town of Vivane.

7 Companies, 36 Squads, 162 Gnomes
Gnome(162): AC 4, Move 60’(20’), HD 1, hp 5 each, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6, SV D1, Morale 0, XP:10

Gnome Leader (36): AC 4, Move 60’(20’), HD 2, hp 11 each, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6, SV D1, Morale 0, XP:20

Gnome Sub-Chieftain (7): AC 4, Move 60’(20’), HD 3, hp 13 each, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6, SV D1, Morale 0, XP:50

Grand-chief Dawid: AC 4, Move 60’(20’), HD 4, hp 18, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6+1, SV D1, Morale 0, XP:80

Bodyguard of the grand-chief (4): AC 4, Move 60’(20’), HD 3, hp 14 each, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6, SV D1, Morale 0, XP:50

TT: D*7
2,000sp, two pouches of saffron(15gp each), Divine Scroll (resist fire, create food; Zaharan)
1,000sp, 2 agate stones (25gp each), 12 silver arrows (60gp), four pouches of saffron (60gp each), lapis lazuli (25gp), wrought silver trinket (800gp), sword +1
2,000sp, 163 animal horns (32.5 stone, 326gp), eight bundles of fur, (24 stone, 120 gp), bag of loose tea (5 stone, 75 gp), 11 silver arrows (55gp), hematite stone (10gp), three pouches of wolfsbane (10gp each)
14 rolls of brightly colored cloth (56 stone, 140gp), 31 delicate bottles of fine wine (6 1/6 stone, 155gp), three pouches of belladonna (10gp each), lapis lazuli stone (25gp), tiger eye stone (25gp)
4,000sp, agate stone (25gp), five pouches of belladonna (10 gp each), 2x turquoise stone (25gp each), fine wood trinket (400gp), two holy symbols (90gp each), wrought bronze trinket (60gp)
Seven bone fetishes (133gp), holy symbol (120gp), shield AC0 (cursed)

Goblin Breeding Pit
The origins of goblins are obscure to most, with many assuming they are created in the usual way, and others that they are summoned to this plane by foul magics. In fact, the murderous little beasts are spawned from chaos pits, when a creature falls in by misadventure. And there is no misadventure like being kidnapped by goblins! This particular pit is guarded by the Poisonspittle clan.

6 warband, 45 gangs, 217 goblins
Goblin(217): AC 3, Move 60’(20’), HD 1-1, hp 4 each, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6, SV 0th lvl human, Morale 1, XP:5

Goblin Champion(45): AC 4, Move 60’(20’), HD 1, hp 7 each, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6, SV F1, Morale 1, XP:10

Sub-chieftain (6): AC 5, Move 60’(20’), HD 1+1, hp 9 each, Attacks 1, Damage 1d6+1, SV F1, Morale 1, XP:15

Shaman (Dankblossom): AC 5, Move 60’(20’), HD 1+1*, hp 9 each, Attacks 1, Damage 1d6+1, SV C5, Morale 1, XP:21. Spellcasting as Cleric 5 (2 1st, 2 2nd)

Chieftain (Swampgas): AC 6, Move 60’(20’), HD 3, hp 16 each, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6+2, SV F3, Morale 1, XP:50

As the lair is largely subterranean, none of the goblins are mounted in lair.

Treasure: TT Ex6
50,000 cp (50 stone, 500 gold)
five barrels of beer (150 stone, 160 gold)
four roll of cloth (16 stone, 40 gold)
three hardwood logs (24 stone, 15 gold)
30 ingots of common metal (15 stone, 30 gold)
seven barrels of preserved fish (56 stone, 35 gold)
three rugs (12 stone, 15 gold)
one rug (10 stone, five gold)
five gallons, lamp oil (2 5/6 stone, ten gold)
eighteen bricks of salt (9 stone, 12.6 gold)
one jasper (50 gold)
one malachite (10 gold)
one onyx (50 gold)
one hematite (10 gold)
one quartz (10 gold)
one tiger eye (25 gold)
four turquoise (100 gold)
two lapis lazuli (50 gold)
five pouches of belladonna (4/6 stone, 50 gold)
six pouches of wolfsbane (5/6 stone, 60 gold)
three pouches of saffron (2/6 stone, 45 gold)
one citrine stone (50 gold)
one shell trinket (100 gold)
one wrought silver trinket (500 gold)
chain mail +1 and shield +1 (3 stone)
one potion of climbing (1/6 stone)

Bambur Waddlebottom is the sheriff of the small halfling village Thistledown Acres, placidly watching over the community with his two sons, Bofur and Bilfur. Smoke pipes merrily from the chimneys of the wee folk mirroring the wisps of smoke from the pipes of the men sitting on their porches.

1 meet; 2 bands; 21 halflings
21 Halflings: AC 2, Move 60’(20’), HD 1-1, hp 4 each, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6, SV E1, Morale -1, XP:5
2 Reeves (Bofur and Bilbur): AC 2, Move 60’(20’), HD 2, hp 9 each, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6, SV E2, Morale -1, XP:5
1 Sheriff (Bambur): AC 2, Move 60’(20’), HD 3, hp 13, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6, SV E3, Morale -1, XP:5
14 Militiamen: AC 2, Move 60’(20’), HD 2, hp 9 each, Attacks 1 (weapon), Damage 1d6, SV E1, Morale -1, XP:5

Treasure Type: Dx2
10,000 sp
one jar, dyes and pigments (5 stone, 40gp)
one agate (25gp)
one lapis lazuli (25gp)
three pouches of saffron (45 gp)
one tiger eye (25gp)
one turquoise (25gp)
one porcelain trinket (finely carved pipe) (500gp)
two wrought brass trinkets (elaborate door knockers) (160gp)
two wrought bronze pocket wristwatches (220gp)

The only visible sign that you have entered the territory of a den of Gorgons is the statue of a rich merchant and his cart. His cargo has long since been removed, but his personal effects are ripe for the taking – if you can turn him back to flesh. In a nearby defile is a cave where the Gorgons lurk. It would be difficult to get close enough to turn the merchant from stone to flesh without awakening them.

Gorgons (x4), AC 7, Move 120’(40’), HD 8**, hp 35, 39, 35, 36, Attacks 1 (gore or breath), Damage 2d6 or petrify, SV F8, Morale 0, XP:1,600

One baroque pearl (2,000gp)
One topaz (500gp)
One whorled nephrite jade stone (1,500gp)
One rich fur cape (.5 stone, 1,400gp)
One rich fur coat (.5 stone, 3,600gp)
One amber-studded silver jewelery (7,000gp)
One ivory trinket (800gp)

Abandoned Shrine
Two connected rooms have been walled off by those who abandoned it. Inside, sturdy wooden supports support a colony of lichen and fungi, and 19 zombies (former shrine servants and worshipers) go about their tasks in life listlessly as they wait for the arrival of living creatures to kill.

The worshipers are in the first room; the servants are in the next room, but will rush in two rounds after the sounds of battle begin.

Zombie Worshipers (13): AC 1, Move 60’ (20’), HD 2•, hps 8 each, #ATS 1 (bash), Dmg 1d8, SV F1, ML n/a, AL C, XP 29 each (464 total); ACKS p. 203.

Zombie Shrine Servants (6): AC 5 (chainmail), Move 60’ (20’), HD 2•, hps 10 each, #ATS 1 (morningstar), Dmg 1d10, SV F1, ML n/a, AL C, XP 29 each (174 total); ACKS p. 203.

The six suits of chainmail (240 gp total) and morningstars (60 gp total) are in excellent shape. The silver holy symbols, sacred candelabra, and other religious bits have been destroyed and tarnished beyond recovery.