PbP Sandbox Game Recruitment (Closed)

I am considering the possibility of running a PbP game here on the site. A small, wilderness sandbox, starting at 1st level. Would there be any interest?

If it won’t start for about two weeks (or if I can join in later), I’d be interested.

I can’t see it really getting rolling before that, at least in terms of the actual adventure. Would you be able to handle character generation before that?

Yeah, that wouldn’t be a problem. I just don’t want to commit to an actual game at this point; I’m moving within that timeframe, so there may be disruptions up to a few days in length as I move and get settled in.

(There might not be any disruptions, either, but I’d be lying if I said I trusted Comcast to have everything working on the date they’re supposed to :p)

Okay, we’ll say you’re the first.

if you can suffer my english count me in!

I’m sure it’d be just fine. That’s two…

I’m here.

If you’re there, then we’re here. That’s three…

I can make four!

So, I’ve never played by post before. What’s the conventions and expectations?

1.) No one whose forum name I can’t pronounce is allowed to join, so you’re right out!

2.) Make sure you subscribe to the thread(s) so that you’ll receive notification when a post is made about the game.

2.) Try to post once per day whenever possible.

3.) Do your best to let us know if and when you’ll need a hiatus.

4.) Be aware that PbP games are terribly slow - a single combat can easily take a week or more - so it’s a bit of a longer term commitment.

5.) Any torture or sexuality (or other adult content I’m forgetting to mention) will be glossed over (e.g. “You forcefully coerce the Goblin, and it reveals how many of its clan live in the cave…” or, “The two of them head to the room, closing the door behind them. They emerge more than an hour later, dishevelled.”).

6.) Be considerate of other players, and make every effort not to be offensive. On the flip side…

7.) Remember that what is said in the In-Character thread is not the player talking, but their Character.

8.) Deal with any disagreement or discussion in either the Out-of-Character thread, or via PM. Please DO NOT disrupt the game for everyone over a disagreement.

We might need to slow down, I’m running out of fingers.

I’m very interested if there’s room.

Alright, that’s five. I guess that’s it, as I’m out of finge-WHOAH! There’s a whole other hand of fingers over here!

By the way: you are number six, should you so choose.

Sure, let’s try this out.

Co-when is how I say it. I also answer to “cone”, “wats-his-face” and “hey, stop that”.

For what it’s worth (i.e. not much), for mine: just imagine saying “blah-blah-blah” as quickly as you can.

Want a sixth?

No, I already have six. You may settle for number seven, if you wish.